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Articles by Bill Katzenstein in Shutter Release, publication of the International Photographic Society, Washington DC. Viewing articles requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Bokeh (February 2012)

The study of what is not in focus.
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How Judges Critique Photo Competitions (December 2011)

Artistic criteria and technical standards.
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Ethical Issues in Photography (April 2010)

Six cases for discussion.
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Techniques of Architectural Photography: Book Review (February 2010)

Architectural Photography: Professional Techniques for Shooting Interior and Exterior Spaces, by Norman McGrath.
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The Zone System (March 2009)

The legacy of contrast management.
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Digital Architectural Photography Gets a Boost from Nikon (September 2008)

The new PC-E Nikkor 24mm f3.5 lens.
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History of Architectural Photography: Book Review (August 2008)

Architecture Transformed: A History of the Photography of Buildings from 1839 to the Present, by Cervin Robinson and Joel Herschman.
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The Triumphs of Eliot Porter (November 2007)

Pioneer of color nature photography.
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Industrial Photography: Book Review (March 2007)

The Photography of Charles Sheeler, American Modernist.
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Extreme Wide-Angle Photography (January 2007)

Equipment and technique for ultra-wide perspective.
How to warp space.
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History of Nikon: Book Review (November 2006)

A celebration of the marque by Brian Long.
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The Resurgence of Large-Format Photography (September 2006)

The benefits of large format and how technical advances have modernized the classic view camera.
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Panoramic Photography (June 2006)

A story from left to right.
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The Holga (May 2006)

Medium format for the masses.
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The Hasselblad Story (April 2006)

Origins of the modular digital camera.
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Telephoto Technique (January 2006)

More than magnification.
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Alpa 12: Camera Review (November 2005)

A modern classic from Switzerland enables creativity.
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The Left-Brain / Right-Brain Convergence in Photography (October 2005)

Evolution of a century-old theory explaining image appeal.
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Photography and the Struggle for Art: Book Review (September 2005)

The Legitimization of Photography as Art in America, 1880-1900, by Paul Spencer Sternberger.
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Nikon F6 vs. Canon EOS-1v vs. Leica R9 (April 2005)

Battle of the titans.
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The Future of Film (January 2005)

As glimpsed at PhotoPlus Expo.
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History of Leica: Book Review (September 2004)

Leica: Witness to a Century, by Alessandro Pasi.
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Photography of Flowers in Black & White (April 2004)

Review of an exhibit of Oksana Khadarina.
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Photographic Deception and Manipulation: Book Review (March 2004)

A history long before digital.
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Diane Arbus Revisited (January 2004)

The scrutiny of photographic ethicists.
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The Subjectivity of the Lens (November 2003)

Percival Lowell and the canals of Venus.
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Transformations (October 2003)

Review of an exhibit of Antonia Macedo.
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Yousuf Karsh: Book Review (February 2003)

A sixty-year retrospective of the master portrait photographer.
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All In A Name (November 2002)

Naming conventions for cameras.
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Soviet Snapshots (September 2002)

A capsule review of photography of the Soviet era.
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Madrona tree at Inspiration Point,
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