Early World Bank Buildings

Photographed in 1988-1995, these images illustrate original World Bank buildings in the 1800 block of H St NW, Washington DC, prior to and during demolition and reconstruction of the Main Complex completed in 1996.

click to view image   “F” Building, to the left, overlooked Murrow Park at Pennsylvania Ave and 19th St. Flags of member nations were encased outside the entrance. At center-right is the Bank’s “H” Building. The IMF is to the right. “F” Building was erected by the IMF in 1958, and served as its main building until 1968. The structure was conveyed to the World Bank in 1974. Demolition occurred in 1993.
click to view image   Courtyard of the Main Complex, with view to the southwest of former Buildings “D” and “E” that were later rehabilitated. The courtyard became the current atrium.
click to view image   Mural at International Agricultural Research unit that helped fund the Green Revolution.
click to view image   “B” Building stairwell
click to view image   “C” Building corridor
click to view image   “C” Building elevator lobby
click to view image   Buildings “D”and “C” with connecting bridges, along 18th St. The ground floor space in center had been the site of the “World Buttery” luncheonette.
click to view image   Connecting bridge between “D” and “C” Buildings
click to view image   Elevator portal between “D” and “C” Buildings connecting to “J” Building tunnel. This structure existed for about 3 years before it was removed to make way for Main Complex reconstruction.
click to view image   Tiled mural above “E” Building lobby paralleled the second-floor foyer. This space served as the main entrance to the IMF from 1968 to 1974, when the World Bank acquired the building. The frieze was disassembled and the space built over in the mid-1990s in the course of renovation and integration of the facility into the new Main Complex.
click to view image   The start of demolition of “B” Building at the intersection of 18th and H Sts at Pennsylvania Ave. To its left across 18th street stands the then new “J” Building. In the distance down Pennsylvania Ave is the Old Executive Office Building.
click to view image   “B” Building
click to view image   “C” Building demolition, 1990
click to view image   “C” Building demolition. View looking east, with “J” Building along 18th St. as backdrop. “A” Building stands at far left.
click to view image   “A” Building was fully exposed to the southeast following the clearance of “B” and “C” Buildings.
click to view image   Main Complex reconstruction in progress, 1992. New construction has risen at the site of the former “B” Building. The Bank’s original “A” Building at 1818 H St, still standing in center, had been occupied by the organization since 1946. The building was demolished in 1993.
click to view image   The “D” Building, with the “J” Building tunnel elevator portal in foreground, emerged in full view for a brief period in the early 1990s following clearance of the “B” and “C” Buildings. The newest of the original World Bank buildings, “D” Building was constructed in 1968. The structure was integrated into the new Main Complex, and modernized in the late 1990s.
click to view image   Main Complex construction in progress, 1995. The new “1818 H St” rises on the site of the former “A” and “F” Buildings.
click to view image   Main Complex construction at the corner of 19th and H Sts NW. At right forground, preparation is underway for construction of the final phase of the IMF main building.
click to view image   Vision of the future Main Complex


B Building stairwell

“B” Building stairwell. The banister received an award for excellence in design after rehabilitation and conversion of the building from apartment house to office building by the Bank in 1962. The structure was demolished in 1990.


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Lower level stairway
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