Bill Katzenstein

All images photographed with film!

IconicPhoto is the architectural photography practice of Bill Katzenstein. Based in Washington DC, he specializes in imagery of “great hall” interiors such as corporate and museum atria and galleries, metros and other large public architectures. Bill uses ultra-wide optics with mainly large- and medium-format film for creative composition and optimal quality for film and digital enlargements. More recently his projects have broadened in scope to include architectural panoramas and buildings in natural landscapes. This website, started in 2003, presents more than 600 architectural images, and 30 articles.

Bill has held leadership positions in the International Photographic Society in Washington DC as well as produce articles for its monthly publication; and contributed photographic services to the National Building Museum.


Bill Katzenstein

With hallmark Stockholm metro photograph at International Photographic Society, Washington DC, October 2016.




A Personal Favorite

The store at Olga on Orcas Island in Washington State. Photographed in 2009 with Kodak Ektar 100 film. Extremes of contrast were diminished using high-dynamic range technique of multiple exposure. The scene was photographed three times, at fast, balanced and slow shutter speeds. The negatives were scanned and digitally unified to create an optimal image with all segments properly exposed, capturing full detail despite very bright whites and dark greens in the actual scene.

Store at Olga



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